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Online Retail Terms & Conditions

By placing an trade order with us, you agree to not sell the Goods (means any product from the Gingko catalogue or listed on our website www.gingkdesign.com) on any third-party marketplace unless it is authorized by us, this includes but not limited to Amazon, Ebay or Etsy etc.

If you will be selling the Goods on your own independent e-commence website, it is highly recommended that the Goods should be retailing at their RRPs. However, periodical discount is acceptable such as winter or summer sales.

With your support and cooperation, we can ensure that Gingko is a brand that you can resell with pride and the public can purchase with confidence.

Should you have any queries about the above, please feel free to get in touch with your sales account manager o email to us at contact@gingkodesign.co.uk

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