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Sustainability is a topic close to our hearts here at Gingko Design.

We are a family business founded by myself, Paul Sun and my wife Natalie with a big love for nature and the environment. Over the years we’ve heard more and more about the damage being done to our planet and the impact we as humans are having on our environment and so our passion for protecting it has grown even stronger.

Since my wife and I became parents to our two lovely children, it has cemented just how important looking after our planet for future generation is. We realised that we wanted our children to grow up to enjoy the wonders of our world as we have done before them. More than ever, we realised that we must do something to ensure our children, and their future children, can live in a pollution-free and better world.

So, we set out to build a business that focuses on beautiful design and the latest technology, whilst having sustainability at its core.

Most our products are built using natural sustainable materials, such as bamboo and other sustainable or recycled wood rather than PLASTIC. We believe that stylish, unique and top quality products can be eco-friendly, without having to compromise on beautiful design or new technology.

Too often we hear about masses of low quality, plastic products that are sold, used once or a handful of times, and then sent to landfill where they remain without biodegrading.

At Gingko Design, we thrive on seeking and creating the extraordinary. Our aim is to design products that are modern, simple and functional. They are built to last and to withstand years of use, and the minimal styles are designed to hold their own through all the latest trends and crazes. We hope you will love and appreciate your Gingko products, and that they will live in your homes for a long time.

Our ethos is all about designing products that are smarter, both in the way they look and the way they perform, and this includes using the latest sustainable, quality materials. We want our products to help you by offering simple and beautiful solutions to the little challenges we face in our everyday lives.

But, we also want our products to help create a better planet too. Our challenge is to persuade as many people as possible to purchase gifts made from natural materials, that they will keep forever, and to forget about the cheap plastic gimmicks that will be in the bin in a matter of days.

Together with our customers, we hope to start rebuilding a world where consumers can appreciate well-crafted products, showcasing latest technology without compromising the safety and security of our future on this wonderful planet.

Together, we can do it better…

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