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Flip Click Clock

As the 2019 UK Gift of the Year award winning design and our current best selling clock, the Flip Click Clock definitely stands out from the alarm clock crowds.


Incorporating our popular and classical sound activated LED clock system, laser engraved touch control buttons and  the new flip alarm technology, the Flip Click Clock is designed to enhance your whole experience of day to day alarm clock use.


– Simple to use; just flip over to turn alarm on or off

– Long battery life; up to 6 months per charge

– Made of natural recycled wood

Designed in-house by Gingko in Warwick, UK 2019

(17 customer reviews)

£39.95 Retail Price

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Clear Colour
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Fast Delivery
  • 14 day returns

Product Description

As the 2019 UK Gift of the Year award winning design and our current best selling clock, the Flip Click Clock definitely stands out from the alarm clock crowds.

Incorporating our popular and classical sound activated LED clock system, laser engraved touch control buttons and the new flip alarm technology, the Flip Click Clock is designed to enhance your whole experience of day to day alarm clock use.

The technologies built into the Flip Click Clock change your normal way of using an alarm clock. When the Gingko logo shows on top it means the alarm is off and when the beautifully engraved alarm icon shows on top instead it means the alarm is turned on. With the same sound activated clock system as our other click clocks, the clock display automatically disappears when it’s quiet but still moves perfectly accurately every second. It lights up again when you give a gentle touch, clap, or click of your fingers.

The simplified display function is really easy to set up and simply shows you the time (12 or 24 hour format). To set the time and alarm, simply touch the fine laser engraved buttons. When the alarm goes off, gently ‘stroke’ any of these engraved buttons on top to snooze. To turn off the alarm, simply flip it over and the display seamlessly flips too.

Flip Click Clock, it’s not an ordinary alarm clock.


  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Product User Manual Download (English) (German) (French) (Italian) (Spanish)


  1. Powered by in-built 2000 mAh rechargeable battery with USB charging cable included or DC5V plug adapter (not included)
  2. Choose from sound activated or permanent display mode
  3. 12 or 24 hours display
  4. Made from natural wood material (apart from the ash and black one, which are wood effect finishes)
  5. Touch control buttons
  6. Flip technology: the numbers automatically correct themselves when it's flipped over
  7. Battery life: approx 6 months in sound activated display or 2-3 weeks in permanent display
  8. Charging time: 3-4 hours
  9. Product size: L115 x W70 x H36mm / L4.25'' x W2.75'' x H1.42''
  10. Product weight: 150g / 0.33 lbs

Product Video


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17 reviews for Flip Click Clock

  1. Marius

    Does this beautiful clock only have one alarm sound (pi-pi-pi) or does it also have smoother sounds to weak up more gently?

    • Gingko Design

      Hi Marius, thanks for your message. At the moment, it only has a beep sound when the alarm goes off. Hope that helps and thanks again.

  2. Dr Nikolaj Primuk

    Do the dots between numbers blink?

    • Gingko Design

      Hi, yes, that two dots do flash every second.

  3. Fiona Taylor

    Great idea, and the one I tested in the shop worked fine, the one I bought for my sister was fine but unfortunately the one I bought my husband does not work unless it is
    knocked very hard on the bedside table, thus waking me and probably the neighbours. Even when it is picked up sometimes it doesn’t work.
    The reason why I chose this clock was because of the feature of being able to just have the display when touched so it didn’t disturb sleep, therefore the option of leaving it on all the time defeats the object of its purchase.
    Of course the shop I bought it from is closed now for a few months and I cannot find my receipt, I bought it November 2020 right at the start of my Christmas shopping after a local lockdown. Does anyone else suffer these problems? It’s a real shame.

    • Gingko Design

      Hi Fiona, Thanks for your comments and please, you can return back to us and we’re happy to send you a new one. Please email to and one of our team will sort this out for you.

  4. Clare

    We agree with Rachel. The clock is beautiful and clever but this one (my partner has one too) is far too insensitive and I can’t turn on the display without waking him up. It would be good too if you could add a way to dim the brightness of the numbers too. PS we do love your products and adore the Octagon One.

  5. Rachel

    Very nice clock, however, we find the white numbers are too bright at night. We decided to try use with the touch / sound activated time, but a light touch isn’t activating the display. We are having to tap it, which wakes partner up. It is a really nice clock and easy to set, but the display light needs to be toned down.

    • Gingko Design

      Dear Rachel, thank you so much for your review and we will pass your comments to our product team. Have a great new year, Rachel.

  6. Loula

    Form follows function !
    Love this little alarm clock. Great styling, activation from sound/movement is ideal. Helps not having my phone in my bedroom. Perfect.

  7. ABW

    Bought this as a present my son loves it, so a good result I would say

  8. Prem

    Just brilliant. It obeys the laws of thermodynamics so you do have to plug it in once in a while which does reduce the beauty. I am an obsessive tree hugger and it stands up well on the Australian myrtle bedside table I made with the She oak knickknack box next to it. Get the walnut with green light. Suck on that for a review mr fake reviewer.

  9. sharon Johnstone

    Awesome little clocks. perfect gifts or just for yourself. Though mine has been stolen by my daughter as it’s way too cool for me to have!

    • admin

      Thank you for our lovely comment, Sharon and glad to hear that your daughter loved it too 🙂

  10. Alexander

    These clocks are perfect. Bright white number display. Easy set up. The wood finish compliments the furniture perfectly. Product arrived really quickly. So pleased with them.

  11. Frank Bevo

    La sveglia in se è bellissima da vedere, un oggetto fantastico. Il problema è che la lettura dell’ora non risulta molto chiara. Risulta in sfuocata e non brillante come potrebbe sembrare dalle foto! Inoltre un ulteriore fattore a suo svantaggio è che la luminosità non si può modificare. Quindi se vi dà fastidio o, come il mio caso, si ha bisogno di maggiore luminosità non abbiamo alcuna possibilità di regolazione. Trovo molto bella l’impostazione che dà la possibilità di decidere se si vuole sempre l’orario in vista (anche con alimentatore staccato) o se si vuole “accenderla” con l’attivazione sonora (basta un rumore o un battito di mani). Non la uso come sveglia ma è interessante il fatto che per disattivare la sveglia basta girarla su se stessa. In fin dei conti per il prezzo di vendita mi aspettavo di più. Spiace perché l’idea e il design è veramente bello. Al momento non mi sento di consigliarla

  12. DL9N

    Schöne Holzoptik. Helligkeit und Größe der Anzeige optimal. Schnell einzustellen. Laut Beschreibung ist der Betrieb mit dem eingebauten Akku für zwei Wochen ohne Netzanschluss möglich. Zum “Wecken” oder “Stummschaltung” nur um 180 Grad auf die andere Seite wenden. Kaufempfehlung für Menschen die Produkte aus Holz mögen. Nach den ersten Erfahrungen geht der Wecker ziemlich genau.

  13. Ali

    Bought as a gift for my husband who loves this. It is a really nice version of one of these cube/ flip clocks. The shell looks and feels like wood, unlike the plasticky laminate effect of other versions. It has a great display that lights on touch or certain sounds, and prevents me having to look at glowing numbers half the night!

  14. Mr. Norman

    A smart clean looking well designed and made clock very pleased with it I recommend it highly

  15. Alfred Faltiska

    It looks even better in real life.
    This is a great piece of technology / art created with such attention to details that’s impossible not to like.
    And the functions are really thought through, their product manager deserves a raise.
    You just flip it to turn the alarm on or off, and the digits will flip automatically so they are always the right side up.
    It has an internal rechargeable battery that lasts for 2 weeks and you can charge it with any regular micro usb cable.
    I for one charge it with a cable from the TV, which is closest, so I don’t even need a separate charger.

    The wooden finish is very nice and the laser cut buttons are show such precision, I did not even know it was possible to achieve with wood.

    It is small, about the size of the palm of a hand, which contributes to the feeling of high quality.

  16. Prem

    Work of art
    Just brilliant. It obeys the laws of thermodynamics so you do have to plug it in once in a while which does reduce the beauty. I am an obsessive tree hugger and it stands up well on the Australian myrtle bedside table I made with the She oak knickknack box next to it.

  17. Glubert

    This is a gorgeous object which also works quite well as a clock!
    Took me a little time (hah) to get used to it but it is a very lovely purchase – I love it!

    It will inspire me to keep my bedside table tidy so as not to detract from it


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