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Smart Diffuser Lamp

This isn’t just any ordinary diffuser lamp.


Our Smart Diffuser Lamp is a portable and real wood ambient desk light with a seamlessly integrated copper plate oil burning diffuser. With a handy gold touch sensor control, it gently heats up to fill your room silently and slowly with your favourite scent whilst emitting a beautiful light through the frosted glass.


The Smart Diffuser Lamp from Gingko Design helps you to relax while radiating beautiful light as well as your chosen essential oil. It also reflects our design ethos of making every day objects better and smarter, both in aesthetics and function.

Designed in-house by Gingko in Warwick, UK; Check the product video under Media section below.

(2 customer reviews)

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Product Description

The Smart Diffuser Lamp isn’t just any ordinary diffuser lamp.

With a copper plate seamlessly integrated on top of the lamp, it gently heats up to silently and slowly diffuse your chosen essential oil, filling the room with your favourite scent alongside an ambient warm light to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. The handy copper touch sensor built into the wood lets you easily control the lamp’s 3 levels of brightness with the option to switch on the oil diffuser at the same time.

It’s made of 100% natural sustainable wood coupled with a high quality frosted acrylic glass that’s comfortable to touch. An in-built rechargeable battery makes it the perfect portable accessory for any room setting.

The Smart Diffuser Lamp from Gingko Design can certainly help you to relax while it radiates its beautiful light as well as your chosen scent. It also reflects our design ethos of making everyday objects better and smarter.


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  1. Product material: White Ash wood or walnut wood, frosted acrylic glass, and copper
  2. Three light intensity (dimmable)
  3. Battery life: 3-10 hours (depending on the light intensity level) or 1-2 times for diffusing function
  4. Light Source: 1W LED
  5. LED colour temperature: 2700K~3000K
  6. Power input: DC5V 1A
  7. Power source: 780MAH Li-on chargeable battery
  8. Product size: 65×65×90mm
  9. Product weight: 290g
  10. Packed in a premium gift box

Product Video

2 reviews for Smart Diffuser Lamp

  1. chris

    Very beautiful and a wonderful design. An here’ the but. It just doesn’t deliver. The diffuser function hardly made an impression in comparison to cheaper and more effective vapour diffusers. Overall, a beautiful but weak charge with a short battery life.

  2. Nomad Store Iceland

    Gingko is the best seller for our store. I also have to say the 2021 new designs are exceptionally nice and well made, the branding and boxes are also striking and clean.

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