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Smart Moon Lamp

2022 UK Gift of the Year Award Winner


From poets to singers, the moon has been a source of fascination, mystique, and symbolism of romance for years. We all love looking at the moon, but we know how difficult it is to photograph it. That’s why our Moon Lamp makes a worthy addition to any space.


Dim the lights and switch the Gingko Smart Moon Lamp on, and it quite literally looks like you’ve got a supermoon inside your home. Take a look at our video to see this very special 3D moon lamp in action.

(6 customer reviews)

£149.00 Retail Price

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Clear Colour
  • 2 Year warranty
  • EU order despatching from Gingko Belgium
  • 14 day returns 

Product Description

Using the latest innovative design from Gingko to create a fascinating focal point for any stylish home or office, this beautiful rotating moon lamp will amaze your guests and provide an uplifting glow for any space.

The sphere, with its textured surface imitating that of the moon, slowly rotates in the space above your choice of wooden base: walnut or white ash. Using a powerful built-in magnet, the moon is suspended and floats in mid-air, creating a stunning and functional piece of design.

By gently touching the base, you can choose from three different light modes; warm yellow, cool white or warm white, something to suit every taste.

This unique lamp is eco-friendly, being made with completely safe and biodegradable PLA material and reclaimed wood. So for those of you that truly appreciate the world around us (and above us!) and wish to own something extraordinary, this is the perfect purchase.


  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Product Instructional Manual Download  (in ENGLISH, DEUTSCH, ITALIANO, ESPANOL  FRANCAIS )
  3. Instructional Video of How to Set Up or Levitate the Smart Moon Lamp


  1. Product Material: walnut, white ash, and black wood base with PLA 3D printed moon
  2. Size of wood base: 120x120x30 mm
  3. Moon Diameter size: 140mm
  4. Moon light colour temperature: 2700k-5000k depending on which light mode; warm white (3500k), white (5000k) and yellow warm (2700k)
  5. Product weight: 800g
  6. Power input: 12V- 1A AC/DC adapter (included)
  7. LED power: 1.5 watts only
  8. Packed in a premium gift box

Product Video

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6 reviews for Smart Moon Lamp

  1. Sylvie


    Pourriez-vous me dire qu’elle est la durée de vie de la lampe Lune intelligente en lévitation ?
    Est-ce que la lampe se recharge par magnétisme ?
    Que faîtes-vous le cas échéant où la lampe ne s’éclaire plus ?
    Bien cordialement

    • Gingko Design

      cher Sylvie,

      la LED à l’intérieur de la lampe lunaire dure 50 000 heures, soit 25 ans. 2 ans de garantie pour les clients de l’UE, si quelque chose ne va pas, que ce soit la batterie ou la base, nous sommes plus qu’heureux de vous en remplacer une nouvelle.

      J’espère avoir répondu à votre question.

      Gingko Design

  2. Stuart F Wright

    As Dave notes above, the moon rotates all on its own (in either direction) and it is a bit fast. Not that it’s a big deal, but I wish it was a bit slower or had the ability to turn off rotation and just have it hover without spinning. I have another moon globe that only spins if your give a spin and then it spins for an hour or so. But that one cost 3 times the price and the battery is failing and it only lights up randomly. Other than that, I love my Ginko moon globe. Excellent value for money.

    • Gingko Design

      Thank you for your review Stuart! We are always happy to get feedback to improve our product and we will pass it onto our design team to make our Gingko products even better!

  3. Phil Barron

    This is great, I love it. Can I leave it on all the time or do I need to shut off

    • Gingko Design

      Hi Phil, Thank you for your feedback, we are glad you like our product! For the Smart Moon Lamp, it is designed to be left hovering on the base for 24/7 so you don’t have to turn it off.

  4. Ralph M. Rickenbach

    I got mine for Christmas. I tried it immediately, and it worked beautifully. I set it up at home without any problems, but it started to waver, so I tried to balance it out and set it up a third time. After half an hour or so, I discovered my desk was not level. After I worked that out, there was no more issue. I love the light of the lamp.

    • Gingko Design

      Thank you for the review, we are glad you enjoyed our Smart Moon Lamp!

  5. Dave Burlingham

    Fascinating device, just takes patience to set it going. However slow I set the rotational speed it always speeds up to a constant rate that’s a little faster than I would like. Any one know if there is a way to adjust the rotational speed?

    • Gingko Design

      Hi, Please make sure you have placed the Smart Moon Lamp on a flat stable surface and no electronic around as metal can affect the spinning of the Moon. Kind Regards, Gingko

  6. Chris Salyer

    Just received mine in the USA. Wow! Finally got it to work. It was quite the challenge. So, we have an island in our kitchen that is metal cabinetry with a granite countertop. Set the lamp and the granite, plugged it in and could not get the moon to ‘balance’ into a fixed position. Tried for 20 minutes; NOTHING.
    Then, by chance, I put it on the floor, with noting surrounding it. Then, Viola! It began working and it is truly Amazing!
    Turns out the magnetic structure in the base and moon were reacting to the steel infrastructure of the kitchen island.

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